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Divorce is the legal process which ends a marriage. A divorce is likely to lead to additional decisions that will need to be made regarding financial matters, and arrangements for any children involved. We can guide you through the divorce process and advise on issues regarding finances and children, no matter how complex. Divorce can be a stressful process. We are here to support you throughout and give top quality advice to help you at each stage of the proceedings.

Financial Settlements

After a divorce or separation it is very likely that there will be a form of financial settlement. The financial implications can be a significant. We can advise on the different options available, both in terms of what the financial settlement should be and how you and your spouse can conclude the settlement. We are very experienced at dealing with cases that involve complex assets, and aim where possible to achieve a settlement without needing to attend court. With strong negotiation skills and by taking a pragmatic approach, we can help you achieve this. We are also mindful of both the costs and stress of court proceedings and we will advise you of the options at each stage. We have excellent relationships with leading barristers and experts so we can engage the best team to support you both in and out of court.

Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements

A pre or post nuptial agreement is an agreement entered into by a couple either before or after their marriage that sets out financial arrangements in the event of a divorce or separation. They have become increasingly influential and can be an extremely helpful way of preserving wealth for high net worth individuals and their families. Most importantly, pre and post nuptial agreements can help avoid the potential of lengthy and costly litigation in the event that the marriage breaks down in the future. We can advise on whether such an agreement is appropriate for you and then negotiate the terms and draft the agreement.

International Law

We have extensive experience of international divorce and can offer advice at the outset as to whether England is an appropriate place to commence divorce proceedings. We work with many international lawyers who liaise with us, whether in relation to contested jurisdiction issues, dealing with foreign assets or enforcement of Court Orders.

Disputes with Children

When a couple separate or divorce, decisions will need to be made about their children, including where they will live and how their time will be shared between both parents. We can advise on how best these decisions can be made, and can assist if the parents are unable to reach a consensus. We have extensive experience advising clients in relation to specific issues, such as seeking the Court’s permission to take a child permanently out of the jurisdiction, or determining where a child should be educated. We share the Court’s view that the needs of any children will always be paramount, and this is always the focus to our advice. There are many alternative non-court options available to resolving disputes relating to children which we can discuss with you at the outset.

Civil Partnerships

The law surrounding the breakdown of a Civil Partnership or Same Sex Partnerships is similar to the law surrounding the breakdown of a marriage, but not identical. If a civil partnership is to be dissolved we can advise you about the process and the financial orders that may be required. The care of any children will also need to be decided if the parents cannot agree.

Financial Claims for Children

If parents are unmarried, financial claims for children are available under Schedule 1 of the Children Act 1989. We can advise and support parents who need to resolve financial arrangements for their children including payment of school fees and tertiary education costs. We have handled cases representing the claimant and the respondent, and are experienced in working with both mothers and fathers.

Variation and Enforcement

Over time it may be necessary to revisit the arrangements made previously, either because they need to be varied due to a change of circumstance, or because one party has not complied with their obligations. The costs and stress of reopening or continuing litigation can be disproportionate. We can advise on all the steps that need to be taken in a focused and pragmatic way.


There are times when a client needs emergency relief from the Court. This could be in relation to a domestic violence incident, or when assets need to be protected. We can advise on all the necessary steps that need to be taken and obtain Court Orders at short notice where appropriate.


The process of mediation involves an independent, trained family mediator helping couples to find solutions to issues arising on divorce or separation including helping couples discuss new arrangements for their children as well as resolving some or all of their financial issues . The process can be extremely helpful for many people, and we will advise you from the outset whether mediation could be appropriate. We can guide you through the options available and help find a mediator that can work with you.


The costs of each case will depend on all the circumstances including importantly who your spouse or partner instructs and the approach taken by each party to the issues arising in your case.

We charge on an hourly basis. Charges vary between £150 per hour and £400 per hour plus Vat. Costs will be discussed at our first meeting and throughout your case. We are also able to help clients with litigation loans.

Please note that we do not offer a free initial consultation.

Further details regarding costs are available on request.

“Many thanks for all your help with my divorce- you have been brilliant.”

Claire- thank you so much for being such a great calming support, I’m really pleased I found you, I can’t thank you and your team enough – certainly the kindest and most stress free lawyers I’ve ever worked with, I couldn’t recommend you more.

I want to also say a very big thank you for all your help and support on Monday. I felt very well represented by you and Counsel did a wonderful job. She had really done her homework and knew her stuff. Please also pass on my thanks to Counsel.

Mrs W

The support and help that you have given me has been invaluable, and I couldn't have done it without you. It has been a pretty horrible year, but it was the best decision that I've ever made, and I am so looking forward to my new life ahead.

For my part, I was enormously supported as ever by the wonderful Claire, with her constantly accurate insightfulness and unending efficiency; any thanks is definitely owing mostly to the CH-R team.

Ms S – Barrister